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Friday, December 13, 2019


Presenting this Most Cherished Award to the Most Deserving!

id10t is proud to announce this one of a kind award.  Anonymous Email Address, being totally dedicated to the art of creating writing and thinking, has graciously decided to dedicate this prestigious aware to any deserving persona, organization or thing that shows the most promise in being the greatest id10t of the day.  This award shall carry with it the mark of greatness on the world wide web and Google, and show the world their exceedingly impressive features.
When the absolute last course of action has run its due course, Anonymous Email Address will then resort to the world wide web to tell others about the deeds that game them this rare and distinguished award.  The information will go down into the Way Back Machine of to be remembered for an eternity.

And Now...The First ID10T Award of the Day!!! receives this prestigious award courtesy of Anonymous Email Address.  To learn more about the deeds done for receiving this auspicious award, read the article on Spam located here!  All avenues of research and trying to find the right answers concerning a recent domain purchase are covered in this timely article. 

Here is a little more info about this...


Anonymous Email Address is and always has been vehemently opposed to any type of spam. All of the work done in a decade and a half has never included one modicum of spam with the content that has been written. After registering a new domain name with Godaddy.

FYI:  There will be another award coming soon! is for You!

Anonymous Email Address is committed to bringing topics of interest to the world wide web of Google on a regular basis. The inspirations of the visualizations come from The Universe. There can be no doubt that the subject material written about follows no set pattern according to human thinking, but rather comes from an esoteric understanding of the nature of things as they are. Creativity is the goal, and no subject is out of bounds for this gifted and psycotically driven author. Therefore, there is no telling the domain name, nor the subject material that one will find when logging into the various projects being written about at the present time.

The Plan

While no real plan is in mind for id10ts.infoat the present time, with creative thought in full bloom, there is really not much telling what type of content will be written about. Once again, no subject is out of bounds as the mind wanders about at will, and like the Great Einstein, thought and creativity are both elements that cannot be explained, only brought to full vision and enjoyed. Such will be the goal here.

Who Qualifies to Be Listed @

From the smallest to the greatest, all can be included in this one of a kind digital endeavor. Subject material can reign from the sublime to the ridiculous, therefore, bookmarking the site is the only way to keep abreast of all of the ramblings that will be found on this site. There will also be a substantial RSS feed involved here, so keeping updated regularly will be a very easy thing to accomplish, even for those finding their way into!

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