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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Sam's Club - S Mingo Road - Tulsa, Oklahoma

A New Winner of the Award!

Sam's Club used to be the place to go for great deals on groceries and all other kinds of stuff you need in life.  In my experience in using Sam's Club, it has been a real pleasure, up until the time we met with Sam's Club - S. Mingo Road - Tulsa, Oklahoma  Should we say just a little better than nothing at all in the customer support area?  Here is the Google review:

Allow me to start this Google review with a question.

Is it a new Sam's Club Policy for them to treat customers with a less than admirable attitude?  It is Sam's Club Policy to order groceries online, then proceed to the pickup area only to be viewed by the attendants, and be kept waiting in our car with no response from them?

We sat for a good 10 minutes to picup our grocery order and waiting while three other cars were waited on.  I finally told my wife to call them.  The person who answered the phone, supposedly a customer support person was very rude and condescending.  She said, "well, you can come in, or register."  That was the cold, and usual response that we get from this Sam's Club each and every time we go there.  

Let me say that we are Sam;s Club members, very good members by the way, and spend a good deal of money per year with them.  This particular Sam's Club has been nothing but rude each and every time that we come to the store, and this is not the first bad experience with customer support people thta we have had.

Continuing on, when the woman at the pickup area did finally decide to come and meet with us, she had the attitude that was once again cold, condescending and she came out of the door and proclaimed loudly, "you have to know how to use the app before we can wait on you."

I had no idea that you had to be technologically aware in order to shop for groceries at Sam's Club.  I guess I am naive and this customer support person let me know just how ignorant I was of the process.  I find this very disturbing as this is the usual service that we have always gotten here.

We did finally get the grocies, and with an under the breath comment, the lady said "thanks and have a great evening."  She did not mean this and when I showed her my app that I had installed on my iphone, she proclaimed, "I know nothing about this."  Yet another weird experience in the Sam's Club shopping experience on Mingo Road.

But wait, the story gets even better.  On the way home, I told m wife that I was going to call teh manager and see if this was a customary way to be treated at Sam's Club on Mingo Road.  He too, answered the phone and acted as though I was being confrontational, of which I was not.  As a matter fo fact, I was quite jovial and affable.  After a few moments of discssing the problem, here were his exact words.

"Well, if you ever decide to shop at Sam's Club again, and want to use the online shopping, I guess I can give you a gift card."

Now this is the response of a so called manager at Sam's Club on Mingo Road.  "I guess I can give you a gift card."  Well, that was just not good enough and I kept asking questions and offering suggestions.  Finally, again exact words, "look sir, I have done everything I can and you just do not get it.  What else can I help you with?"  I politely said that he had been no help at all, and I said that it was probably time to say good bye.  He said "good by" and hung up the phone.

FYI:  I will be contacting the corporate headquarters in Arkansas in the morning to ask them some very direct questions.  I wonder what their response will be?

The Google Review got a raving 1 Star to the crack customer support team and manager at Sam's Club Mingo Road..  And yes, I WILL be calling the Sam's Club Corporate Headquarters tomorrow to see if their response is better.  If not, guess what?  Another great article for

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