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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Who Will Win This Week's Award?

A New Award Given Weekly! is proud to announce this day a new award presentation.  This award will be presented to the person, group, organization, movement or any other richly deserving element who has demonstrated superb stupidity, ridiculousness, customer support or basically any other irritation in life where we just cannot do anything else about EXCEPT to write about it.

This award will go into eternity thanks to where each and every award will be hosted there for the entire Internet and The Universe to see, enjoy and KNOW that this award was in fact deserved.

This Fine Award Will Go on Display

For the special award, this beautiful cup will be presented to the person or group that deserves is the most for a week.  The reason for the short duration of the award is the fact that there are so many out there who deserve this award, there is just not enough trophies to go around.  Therefore, each and every week, one lucky recipient will go home to a loving and caring family and friends with this absolutely special trophy.

It is an arduous task to take on, the giving of a prize for the worst behavior in the week;  however, the author/designer/creator of feels that it is something that simply must be done for posterity.

To Choose is Difficult-To Accept is Divine-Anonymous Email Address is for You!

Anonymous Email Address is committed to bringing topics of interest to the world wide web of Google on a regular basis. The inspirations of the visualizations come from The Universe. There can be no doubt that the subject material written about follows no set pattern according to human thinking, but rather comes from an esoteric understanding of the nature of things as they are. Creativity is the goal, and no subject is out of bounds for this gifted and psycotically driven author. Therefore, there is no telling the domain name, nor the subject material that one will find when logging into the various projects being written about at the present time.

The Plan

While no real plan is in mind for id10ts.infoat the present time, with creative thought in full bloom, there is really not much telling what type of content will be written about. Once again, no subject is out of bounds as the mind wanders about at will, and like the Great Einstein, thought and creativity are both elements that cannot be explained, only brought to full vision and enjoyed. Such will be the goal here.

Who Qualifies to Be Listed @

From the smallest to the greatest, all can be included in this one of a kind digital endeavor. Subject material can reign from the sublime to the ridiculous, therefore, bookmarking the site is the only way to keep abreast of all of the ramblings that will be found on this site. There will also be a substantial RSS feed involved here, so keeping updated regularly will be a very easy thing to accomplish, even for those finding their way into!

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