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Friday, March 20, 2020

Coronavirus - The New Award Winner!

How to Shut Down Society

After living on this planet for a number of years, there is one thing that comes to mind with the newest advent of the scourge of society.  You just never know what a day will bring.  Oh, you can plan, contrive, build, accumulate, amass and continually try to improve your station in life, but when it comes down to it, if you think that you have control over one single little part of your life, then you dear friend are quite delusional.  As a matter of fact, those that believe that they are in control over their destiny and existence in this world, or in any other, should take a little closer look at this little picture.  It is the dreaded #coronavirus.  Yes, this little picture from the CDC tells a story.  It is a story about how one little compound found on this planet can bring life as we know it on Planet Earth to a complete and total standstill.  After all, who could have seen this coming?

This is precisely why I chose the Coronavirus as the topic of conversation for  After all, this virus is something that we can do nothing about except social distance ourselves, which is quite fine by me, and wash our hands!  Could it really be that simple to protect ourselves from this dreaded disease?  Just have a little common sense and stay away from others and wash our hands?  I read the article on the CDC site about the Coronavirus and chuckled at the utter and complete simplicity of the cure. And yet, our society is at a standstill as we know it from this little virus!

Here You Go Coronavirus!

You have definitely been chosen this day to receive this auspicious award for being the greatest award winner.  You, all by your little old self have created more terror and confusion on Planet Earth than any other natural disaster.  There have been wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, trunamis, and other atrocities of the human condition that have come about.  But I dare say that few if any, have matched your power for brining society as we know it, to a complete standstull!

So, if you want to beat this little virus, wash your hands, stay away from people and by all means, when you can do nothing else, guess what?  You can always stay home and write about it!

PS  If you get sick, CALL your doctor.  Do NOT go see them! is for You!

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