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Friday, March 20, 2020 - RSS Feed Refreshed!

Faster Loading - Better Distribution of Content

Today marks an important day for, one of the project sites of which is dedicated to the art of creative writing.  There are times in this life when the end of the proverbial rope is reached, all the phone calls have been made, all of the nonsensical conversation is through, and still, nothing can be done about the situation.  How wrong can you be?  There is ALWAYS something that can be done.  YOU CAN WRITE AbOUT IT!

Writing, creatively expressing yourself with words, is one of the best stress and tension relievers on the planet, and guess what?  You do NOT have to get a doctor's prescription to use it!  The refreshing of the RSS feed simply means better site performance, faster load times, and better distribution of the RSS feed in case there are those out on the world wide web of deceit that wishes to host this content on their own site for improved Google rank.

The same content is intact.  It has simply moved to a better location on the site.  Please scoll to the bottom of the site to read.

id10t - Who Will Be the Next on This List? is for You!

Anonymous Email Address is committed to bringing topics of interest to the world wide web of Google on a regular basis. The inspirations of the visualizations come from The Universe. There can be no doubt that the subject material written about follows no set pattern according to human thinking, but rather comes from an esoteric understanding of the nature of things as they are. Creativity is the goal, and no subject is out of bounds for this gifted and psycotically driven author. Therefore, there is no telling the domain name, nor the subject material that one will find when logging into the various projects being written about at the present time.

The Plan

While no real plan is in mind for id10ts.infoat the present time, with creative thought in full bloom, there is really not much telling what type of content will be written about. Once again, no subject is out of bounds as the mind wanders about at will, and like the Great Einstein, thought and creativity are both elements that cannot be explained, only brought to full vision and enjoyed. Such will be the goal here.

Who Qualifies to Be Listed @

From the smallest to the greatest, all can be included in this one of a kind digital endeavor. Subject material can reign from the sublime to the ridiculous, therefore, bookmarking the site is the only way to keep abreast of all of the ramblings that will be found on this site. There will also be a substantial RSS feed involved here, so keeping updated regularly will be a very easy thing to accomplish, even for those finding their way into!

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